14 – 15 April 2017: Day 1 – Arrival

I had my travel folder ready with our airport transfer options in Barcelona. Yet I was still undecided on which option to take. We departed on the night of Good Friday by Qatar Airways, headed for the bustling city of Barcelona. While on our way to the airport, we discovered that Chris had left out a stash of euros at home. We ended up exchanging an extra 300€ at the airport with its unfavourable rates and keeping the credit card as back up.

Our plane had to transit in Doha and picking the shortest transit time was probably the worst idea. We landed a little late and ended up running like mad from one end of the airport. We had to go through a lame security check (what dangerous goods could we possibly carry from one plane to another?), then running again with our backpacks to the gate. In the end, we weren’t even the last ones boarding and had to wait for others.

Tip of the day: Give yourself at least 2 hours buffer for transit in case your plane arrives late.

Cheap & Convenient Barcelona Airport Transfer

We arrived in Barcelona Terminal 1 and I had our airport transfer options all planned out. Taking the aerobus may seem like the easiest idea but it would cost us over 5€ each and it doesn’t even take us straight to our hotel. The train was another idea but it would require me to take a free shuttle to Terminal 2 and still end up having to switch over to metro or bus after arriving at Passeig de Gràcia. I also read about how huge that station is and how you will have a hard time finding the metro line while lugging your luggages.

My best airport transfer option was to take the regular bus 14 which is conveniently outside Terminal 1 where the bus bay is. The problem is buying the T10 ticket at Terminal 1. No source of information online gave clear indication of where to get it. But after asking around, I found out that there was a tobacco shop just outside the airport’s entrance and I bought ourselves a T10.

Get the T10 in Terminal One, just outside the entrance of the arrival hall – look for the Tobacco Shop.

T10 Transport Card

The T10 is a card that costs 9.95€ and comes loaded with 10 single trips on tram, metro, RENFE train or bus (except aerobus and the airport metro line). You can share the T10 with multiple users so I shared it with Chris. But always remember to validate it each time per user.

Taking bus 14 may have seemed like a long journey but it was smooth. We only needed to carry our luggage up and down a bus, no stairs, easy. Then we change bus midway at the same bus stop for Bus H12. The whole journey took us around an hour but it was an easy journey and did not break us into sweat. I would highly recommend this option if your hotel is within reach of a bus stop like ours. On our return, we realised many people picked the bus option as well.

We arrived only less than 200m away from Hostalin Barcelona Gran Via where we stayed for four nights. Check in was smooth but we were early so we left our bags and went out exploring the city. Read my review of the accommodation on Tripadvisor.

Take the Bus 14 from Terminal 1 or 2 to go to the city. The T10 is available at the Tobacco shop just outside Terminal 1 and you can get the T10 at the train station in Terminal 2.

Next post will cover about exploring the city of Barcelona.

Featured Photo: A stall at Mercado de La Boqueria