This is probably my fifth attempt at blogging. I have started countless blogsites but never lasted over a year. My longest one was the one I did before my wedding and that was slightly over 10 years ago.

I have wanted to maintain a blog but it requires so much effort and time. And sometimes after working a long day, you just want to curl back, relax and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy right? That’s me. I am a TV addict.

But I am also a travel buff. I love to travel and I love to take photos when I travel. Somehow the places I go always look better than when I am homebound. I think it has to do with the harsh lighting of a country near the equator. The soft lighting you get north or south always makes everyone and everything look better.

Why did I choose to do a travel blog? Recently I have started to work on my Instagram account and I realised I am most active when I post photos from my travels. I also saw so many travel Instagrammers and I hope I can have enough following one day to put myself alongside one of them.

I think I am good with Instagram photography, especially when you spend the extra effort to retouch the photos with an app like VSCO. As for the traditional SLR photography, I am trying. Sometimes I get good shots, sometimes I struggle. But I always go the extra mile to find that perfect spot and wake up at crazy hours to wait for that sunrise. I enjoy doing that. I consider it an adventure, and a highlight of a trip overseas.

So here we are… my first entry… and a stab (again) at blogging. We’ll see how long I last.