Rettir of Sheep in Iceland

Throwback on Réttir 2016: Annual Gathering of Sheep in Iceland

September 2016 – Réttir in Iceland It was back in our 2016 trip but it was an unforgettable memory. Our September trip coincided with the Réttir – an annual sheep round up in Iceland. I would’ve preferred the réttir of the horses but that was to happen a month later in October. It was really hard to predict when the réttir would happen and where it would take place. There were also very vague information online about this. I mainly […]

Iceland Budget Travel Tips

Iceland Budget Travel Tips From A Singaporean Part 2

Travel Tips To Save Money In Expensive Iceland This is the second part of my Iceland Budget Travel Tips From A Singaporean. If you haven’t read the first part, please do so here: Part 1 for Tips #1 – 5. Continuing where we left off, here are the remaining 5 Iceland Budget Travel Tips I can share with you. (Apologies for the long wait, I was busy with my trip to Japan and only managed to finish this after my […]