Hi, I am Jasmine Wong and I am fairly new as a travel blogger. I have been an independent traveller since I was 16. Now that might not seem like such a big deal but know this. I started planning for my trips when the internet just started! I tried going on a typical group tour once when I was 18 and I never did it again. Ever. I love to do my own planning and research of the place I am visiting because I learn much more going on my own.

I plan for a trip at least 6 months in advance. But for a major one like Iceland, I did my planning almost 9 months ahead. My longest trip overseas was two months in 2008 when I quit my job and went to the USA with my husband. We travelled to many cities and covered the West Coast and then parts of the East Coast.

Nowadays, my travel destination is determined by the airfares on offer. When I plan, I plan quite intensively and my current style of planning uses the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet like an event programme schedule. I do in-depth research about a place and how to get there. My planning is so detailed that I sometimes get quite stressed out before the trip. I even prepare my own directional maps and print them before I go. Sometimes I ‘visit’ a place on google maps and “walk the streets” to recce and familiarise myself ahead of time. This technique really helps and I swear by it!

I am not an adventure travel blogger though sometimes I have a little adventure. Think of me as a mid-tier travel blogger. I enjoy some luxury when it is feasible and some shopping as I explore the city. Sometimes I plan my itinerary with photo opportunities in mind. I pick the best accommodations for a convenient sunrise photo shoot and I always look for the best deals when I plan.

I am not your hitchhiking backpacker though I carry a backpack (and a luggage) when I travel. I’ve managed not to stay in hostels (even in Iceland). I prefer rented apartments, budget hotels or B&Bs in the city or town center. I opt for ensuite bathrooms as much as I can unless the place is exhorbitant (like Iceland). Before I book my accommodation, I do a shortlist of Airbnb and hotels with research of reviews on TripAdvisor, price checks on Trivago before finalising my accommodation of choice. I usually opt for a central accommodation near a metro station that is within my modest budget.

On rare occasions or in cheaper countries, I go for a nice luxury hotel (especially when it is for a celebration). I have a soft spot for traditional bed and breakfasts where they serve you REAL nice and hot breakfasts.

If you find that my travel styles are a lot like yours, I would encourage you to follow my blog. As I document my travel findings as a travel blogger, you can now benefit from my travel experience and detailed accounts on what to expect so you can be prepared before you go. Maybe my job as an event planner made me who I am.

My passion is to travel the world – to photograph the most amazing sights; to appreciate a different culture; to experience something unforgettable; all within an affordable budget so I can do it all over again. I am active on TripAdvisor, a Level 6 contributor and in the Top 4% of popular reviewers in Singapore.

My travel companion is my husband, Chris and we both share a love for travel photography and everything creative. We are not expert photographers but the photos featured here and on my Instagram are all ours. I do not believe in ripping off some wallpaper photo (or someone else’s) and Instagram it like it was my own. I also despise people who do that.

Please support me as I venture into this new space so I can continue to blog and share my travel tips and experiences. Follow me on social media and read my blog.

Jasmine Wong

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