20 April 2017: Day 6 Treviso to Venice

Taking Ryanair from Barcelona

We flew into Treviso to Venice from Barcelona by Ryanair. Treviso is the only airport in Venice that Ryanair lands at. We picked Ryanair because of their flight time which was optimal for arriving Venice early.

Ryanair is a no-frills budget airline and the staff are the most “no-nonsense” I’ve ever come across. Unfriendly, all-business, monotonous is how I would describe the staff there. Our departure from Barcelona was relatively smooth because I read every instruction twice. The queue was long for baggage drop but it moved swiftly. Web check in is a must or you probably will incur charges.

Priority boarding on Ryanair arriving at Treviso to VeniceWe encountered a guy who did not buy baggage check in and had to pay a lot more for it. You need to print your boarding passes before your arrival at the airport. They do not print it for you and you probably have to go to another queue and get charged for printing it (if they even print it for you). Without an EU passport, you had to get a stamp endorsement on your printed boarding pass after baggage drop.

For a budget airline like Ryanair, make sure you buy your check-in baggage online first and do your web check-in. You must print your boarding passes.

Watch out for a long queue at the boarding gate. We bought a package with check-in that came with priority boarding. So we skipped the queue and went to the shorter priority boarding line. Ryanair’s seats were surprisingly quite spacious for a budget airline as compared to the budget airlines that I am familiar with (Jetstar, Tiger Air, Air Asia, Scoot). I only saw food and drinks for sale when in the plane (it was not very obvious beforehand).

Arrival at Treviso Airport

On arrival as we waited for our bags at the carousel, I noticed bus tickets were sold everywhere for transfer from Treviso to Venice. We had already purchased our tickets ahead of time online at ATVO. Purchasing it online is a no-brainer. You know you’ll need this bus to get to Venice and get a discount to buy it online. You pay €11 per ticket if you get 2 – 9 tickets. We bought two so we saved €2 (it is €12 each when you buy it onboard or at the airport).

Buy your ATVO bus tickets online from Treviso to Venice and save €1 when buying more than 1 ticket.

I also noted that the frequency was only 1 per hour and I know a bus cannot take everyone from the plane. I also did not want to wait another hour for the next bus. As we rushed through the doors after collecting our bags, I saw the bus and driver waiting outside towards the left on exiting the airport. He was waiting for more passengers. We loaded our bags and promptly boarded the bus.

Climb up the bridgeI am unsure if they really only have 1 bus per hour like what the schedule said. But it seems that an earlier batch had already gone. So maybe they have buses just waiting and do not really go by the schedule. We did not have to wait too long and the bus took us on a 45-min journey until it stopped once at an unidentified stop. Then it arrived at Mestre train station (mainland of Venice). Finally it crossed the bridge that took us into Venice. We arrived at a very busy bus terminal near a big bridge that connects you to Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

When You Let Your Guard Down

You make a mistake. That’s exactly what happened. Usually I guard my itinerary and planning quite flawlessly. But I admit, I was a little lazy about this trip. I made the grave mistake of not initiating convo with my Airbnb host and forgot to make arrangements of our arrival. Sadly she did not have the initiative to do that even though that was her task. To make matters worse, we did not have her apartment unit number. In Italy, some apartments don’t go by unit numbers. They just go by names and we did not have her full name. This resulted in a delay of 1.5 hours at the apartment knocking door to door in her block and then waiting. If not for a nice neighbour, we would not know how to get ourselves in as the owner was overseas and her friend met us instead.

So if you’re staying at an Airbnb, make sure you remember to get the exact home address (unit number) and arrange for check in process for your arrival.