Barcelona Airport Transfer - Mercado de La Boqueria

Barcelona: Arrival & Airport Transfer

14 – 15 April 2017: Day 1 – Arrival I had my travel folder ready with our airport transfer options in Barcelona. Yet I was still undecided on which option to take. We departed on the night of Good Friday by Qatar Airways, headed for the bustling city of Barcelona. While on our way to the airport, we discovered that Chris had left out a stash of euros at home. We ended up exchanging an extra 300€ at the airport […]

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my first entry

This is probably my fifth attempt at blogging. I have started countless blogsites but never lasted over a year. My longest one was the one I did before my wedding and that was slightly over 10 years ago. I have wanted to maintain a blog but it requires so much effort and time. And sometimes after working a long day, you just want to curl back, relax and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy right? That’s me. I am a TV […]